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Outwit, Outplay And Outlast Your Opponents In Tilt To Live Follow-Up Outwitters

Outwit, Outplay And Outlast Your Opponents In Tilt To Live Follow-Up Outwitters

July 1, 2012
Tilt to Live, which happens to be AppAdvice's 2010 Game of the Year, is one of my favorite iOS games. So, it delights me to learn that One Man Left, the developer of that excellent survival game, is coming out soon with a follow-up called Outwitters. Outwitters is not another survival game in the style of Tilt to Live, though. It's more a survival game done in the manner of Hero Academy with a dash of Starcraft. In Outwitters, you're tasked to control an army in a hexagon-patterned battlefield. The game allows for three types of armies. One is immediately available upon downloading the game, while the other two are unlockable via in-app purchase. The free army consists of the Scallywags, and the IAP-locked ones are made up of the Feedback and the Adorables. The Scallywags are pirate fish whose star soldier is a hermit crab that can turn into a mortar cannon. The Feedback are menacing robots whose special unit can enslave enemies. And finally, the Adorables are super cuddly beings whose whale of a lead character can teleport its teammates across the field. Personally, I'm putting my money on the dangerously cute Adorables. Post-Draw Something, it's not unusual for games to employ turn-based gameplay. And that's exactly what Outwitters does. The strategy game can be played through a one-or-one or two-on-two asynchronous setup. It also has deep Game Center integration, so no signup is required. Optimized with Retina graphics for both iPhone and iPad, Outwitters is set to conquer the battlefield that is the App Store on Thursday, July 5. Seeing as it's a former AppAdvice title holder, we're only too happy to try Outwitters out and post a review of the game as soon as it's out. By the way, Outwitters is free to play, so there's no need to shell out money to start outwitting your rivals with your outstanding battle strategy.

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