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Path Is On The Right Path Toward Becoming A Smarter Journal App

Path Is On The Right Path Toward Becoming A Smarter Journal App

July 26, 2012
The self-described smart journal app Path has just become even smarter, thanks to an update it received just moments ago. Now that its much-publicized privacy issue is a thing of the past, Path appears intent on expanding its "smart" social networking features. And there's probably no better proof of this than today's Path 2.5 update. To start with, Path has included movies and books to the items you can share in the app. This twofold feature comes complete with full previews, actor and author pages, synopses, and reviews. To let your friends know what movie or book you're watching or reading, just tap the icon previously dedicated to sharing songs only. You can then search for the title of the movie or book you want to share. Path 2.5 also introduces significant enhancements to its photo and video sharing capabilities. These include the ability to capture square and landscape photos and videos as well as the ability to edit photos using the new Glo, Depth, Zoom, and Crop tools. The following camera improvements are also in effect:
  • Photos and videos are now displayed 30% larger!
  • Quickly snap photos using the volume button.
  • Simple one-tap video recording (no more switch!).
Furthermore, the update makes for more personal invitations with the option to write a note or record a message when inviting friends to Path. The app's notification system has been improved as well. Path notifications have been redesigned and relocated to a more accessible section in the sidebar. Additionally, notifications "For Friends" have been included alongside notifications "For Me." And as if all that weren't enough for a single update, the following improvements are thrown in as well:
  • Nudge your friends for photos and check-ins from their city or neighborhood.
  • Help friends get started on Path now with friend suggestions.
  • Bug fixes.
Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, Path 2.5 is available in the App Store for free. I must say I'm really impressed with this update, from its major enhancements down to its less significant additions. Now excuse me while I tell my Path friends that I'm off to watch "The Dark Knight Rises" for the second time.

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