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Show Those Balloons Who's Boss In Ballooned!

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Ballooned! (Free) by PixelCUBE Studios is a side-scroller featuring Toby and his fan-propelled backpack. Help him as he travels through a toy store, popping balloons with his arsenal of toys.

Ballooned! by PixelCUBE Studios screenshot

Pop balloons by firing at them and collect the coins that come out. The more coins you collect, the more weapons you can buy. Baseball bats, tanks, snowballs, bubbles, and magic wands are all available for equipping. Anything outside of the starting weapon, the Nerf gun, has limited ammo.

While the Nerf gun has unlimited ammo, the backpack doesn’t last forever. You’ll need to collect batteries as you go because the fan bleeds out energy like a Dell laptop. The trouble is that the batteries don’t appear at regular intervals (or sometimes at all).

The controls feel awkward as your left hand needs to control Toby’s directions, while the right controls the fire button. Moving one finger around while tapping with another is kind of like trying to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time: not impossible, but not practical, either.

But perhaps worst of all is the shortness of the game due to the rapidly leaking power. The batteries are desperately needed, yet they are few and far between. Actually coming upon one is more like chance than strategy. This is different than iMissile Shot, which places needed launchers at regular intervals.

Aside from the weapons, you can also pick up different costumes and backpacks for Toby. If you’re really pressed, you can use the game’s in-app purchases to buy more coins.

This endless runner is nothing like Jetpack Joyride In fact, it’s quite a limited runner.

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Show Those Balloons Who's Boss In Ballooned!