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Love Ultra Challenging Platformers? Give Bitless A Try

Love Ultra Challenging Platformers? Give Bitless A Try

July 29, 2012
Bitless by Nicholas Rapp icon

Bitless ($0.99) by Nicholas Rapp is a simple, no frills, retro-style platforming game where the evil minions, the Bitless, are after you. You'll need to avoid them at all cost. Gameplay wise, it's a bit like the super tough platformer ChocoRun in difficulty.

This great indie title begins by asking for your secret identity, aka your name, and then it throws you right into the action.

Your main character, a square-looking guy equipped with an eye, races forward, and you need to jump over ledges and obstacles, because if he hits a wall or a ledge, he slingshots backwards, reversing direction, which can potentially end the game.

Bitless by Nicholas Rapp screenshot

Bitless is a one-touch game. To jump, you tap on the screen, and to do a long jump, you tap and hold. This is a fast-paced game because your minion never slows down. He's constantly racing forward in a panic, so you need to be quick with your fingers to keep him from slamming into walls, pits, or other dangerous objects.

He is also able to climb up walls by jumping between them, and this is something that you'll need to do often. Luckily, the touch controls are well done and easy to use so you never have to think twice about the moves you are making.

Bitless may not be a game that you want to play if you're easily frustrated. These levels are hard, but ultimately rewarding, because it's a lot of fun trying to get through the innovative challenges each level presents. If a particular level is too difficult, you can skip it in the main menu.

Bitless by Nicholas Rapp screenshot

The game has 50 levels across four worlds, with three major bosses to defeat. It also has in-game achievements and leaderboards, but it does not support Game Center, which is disappointing.

Graphically, this game is made up of simple pixels (Retina, though!), on an unassuming blank background. It's not much to look at, but its simplicity is part of the fun. It also has an awesome chiptune soundtrack, and is an all around fantastic platforming game thanks to the challenging gameplay that keeps you on your toes.

If you like retro-style one-touch platformers, this is definitely a must purchase game that won't disappoint you.

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