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Challenge, Relaxation Mingle In Dedale

Challenge, Relaxation Mingle In Dedale

July 9, 2012
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Dédale ($0.99) by Sergey Mohov is a maze game that puzzles and relaxes you at the same time.

Gameplay is similar to Carota! in that you have to guide a creature (in this case a butterfly) to complete the maze.

Dédale by Sergey Mohov screenshot

What’s neat about this game is that it throws you right into the action without any tutorial or help menu. You’ll get the idea soon enough that you need to move the butterfly across every square without doubling back.

The butterfly can only move one at a time to adjacent squares (without moving diagonally). A note sounds like a piano key being played every time you touch a new square to move.

You can pick whichever square you’d like the butterfly to start from. There’s no timer and no lives, so you can take all the time you need to map out a course. Just make sure not to accidentally touch the screen while you’re doing that. I had to forfeit a couple of times because of that.

Should you still need some help, there is a question mark button to give you a hint. The suggested starting square will be shown to you. Where to go from there, though, is still up to you.

Even though the game starts you off on some easy levels, more challenges await in tiles that can be touched twice, rectangular tiles, and directional tiles. With 100 levels across seven different worlds, there are certainly plenty of mazes to keep you busy.

The Dedale-O-Matic can be used if you want to stray from the campaign mode of playing and just receive a random maze to try.

The simplicity and serenity the game brings is reminiscent of Mazes. This game is enough to challenge you without being frustrating. That’s a win-win in my book any day.

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