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Defend Earth From The Fullmetal Invaders

Fullmetal Invaders by Pixgami icon

Fullmetal Invaders ($0.99) by Pixgami takes the classic Space Invaders game and adds a new skin to it.

Those familiar with the game won’t find any surprises. Movement is done by a left and right arrow at the bottom of the screen, accompanied by a fire button on the opposite side.

Fullmetal Invaders by Pixgami screenshot

Move your tank from side to side as you fire upward at the invading aliens. The aliens will travel in a block as they gradually descend, though they move faster as their numbers decrease. It’s game over if they make it past your defenses, so you’ll need to do your best to save Earth.

The aliens attack in waves, becoming more difficult with each passing wave. With no end available, the objective is to advance through the game as far as you can.

Different upgrades are available to purchase with credits before each wave. You can boost your tank’s shield, power, ammo, or equip it with nukes. This is perhaps the main difference between this game and the original.

Those with an itchy trigger finger may be disappointed at how slow the fire button reacts when touched. This is especially true as the aliens become tougher and require multiple shots to be destroyed. The trick is to not shoot where the ships are, but where they are going to be.

This game doesn’t take any bold steps away from the classic Space Invaders game, such as Fortitude, or Spaceship Ion (though the latter has more of a Galaga influence).

The game’s graphics look more advanced than what 8-bit can provide, though some of the background elements are distracting. For example, one of the buildings has a series of white lights flashing, which I mistook as enemy fire a couple of times.

Those looking to bring Space Invaders onto his or her iPhone will enjoy this game that definitely pays homage to the original.

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Defend Earth From The Fullmetal Invaders