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Hop In Your Paper Tank And Hit The Battlefield Because You’ve Got Some Work To Do

July 31, 2012
Paper Tanks by Reign-Studios icon

Paper Tanks ($0.99) by Reign-Studios is a casual arcade style game where you battle against others to see who can destroy all of the tanks first. Keep your artillery full and your aim steady and you’ll be the last one on the battlefield.

Paper Tanks by Reign-Studios screenshot

Players can choose from eight different characters. They all have the same statistics and tanks. The only thing that makes them different is the avatar. There are four humans and four animals or aliens.

Once on the battlefield, you must aim the barrel of your tank’s weapon at one of the other tanks on the field. You can decide how many other tanks are in each game by selecting whether each avatar is active or inactive before starting to play. You can have as few as two or as many as eight tanks on the field for your battle.

The fields are different, depending on the round. Sometimes, there are tall hills and your tank may be positioned between two tanks. Sometimes the ground is flat and your tank is at the end of the field. Players must figure out how to aim the missiles properly in order to hit their opponent. If you aim too high, your missile will fly past your opponent and off the screen entirely. If you aim too low, you may hit the hill in front of you instead.

At the end of each battle, players earn money for the number of tanks they have destroyed. Use your winnings to buy special missiles, shields, or other power-ups that help you on the battlefield.

This game is entertaining for being so simple. There isn’t much to it. Players shoot opponents until there is only one tank left on the field. Upgrade weapons and play the next round. The price is reasonable for $0.99, but if you don’t mind ad banners, you can download the free version. It is exactly the same, except for the ads.

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