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If You Follow The Rabbit, He’ll Take You On A Wondrous Adventure

If You Follow The Rabbit, He’ll Take You On A Wondrous Adventure

July 19, 2012
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Follow The Rabbit ($0.99) by Armor Games Inc is a puzzle game that looks cute when you are chasing it through the woods, but once you go through that looking glass, there is no telling what kind of adventure awaits you.

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This game has nothing to do with Lewis Carroll, a blue-dressed little girl, or a talking rabbit. It is, however a game full of challenging puzzles, dastardly bad guys and bottomless pits. It might look sort of like a match-three game with its blocky characters and color-changing platforms, but don’t be fooled by the slide controls and disappearing bricks.

Players start each level by seeing a white rabbit quickly run through a wooden door. To get to the door, players must jump to platforms above, drop to platforms below, balance on clouds, dodge bullets, and perform other such adventurous tactics. Each level has different obstacles and there are many enemies to contend with.

To move across a platform from left to right, slide your finger across the screen. You can also jump up, but you can’t jump to the side. Sometimes, you’ll have to push bricks into gaps in order to be able to cross them and not get stuck. There are balloons that will carry you upwards, but be sure to pop them before you get carried off of the screen.

There are three coins on each level that players can collect. Coins are used to unlock new worlds. There are five worlds and more than 100 levels. Each world has a different theme and different types of obstacles. For example, the “Switch Laboratory” world has blocks that will disappear and reappear when you push a button.

The only problem with this game is that the levels are too easy to beat. It is not difficult to get all three coins on any and all levels throughout any world. I completed more than 50 percent of the game, collecting all three stars on every single level, in about an hour. I’d like to see some harder challenges in future updates.

Overall, this game is a win for pocket casual gaming. It is fun to play, easy to figure out and cute to boot. Fans of puzzle games will enjoy the various challenges. The replay value is low because it isn’t difficult to collect all three stars on every level. However, the price is reasonable and it is worth the download for the casual gamer.

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