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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Sky Devil?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Sky Devil?

July 24, 2012
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Sky Devils (Free) by Quantum Design Group is a racing game in the sky. Prove your aviation skills by outmaneuvering the other pilots in the air. Be sure to watch where you are going. You don’t want to fly off course and end up in the wrong field.

Sky Devils by Quantum Design Group screenshot

Players control a biplane that is racing against two others in the Las Vegas desert. To start flying, push the throttle upward by dragging your finger across the control on the left side of the screen. This will speed the plane up. In order to lift off the ground, move the virtual joystick downward. The longer you hold the control down, the higher the plane will go. However, it never goes very high. The point of the race is to stay low to the ground.

The race follows a course that players can’t see. There is an arrow that directs you to the next checkpoint, which is an orange cone. Once you’ve passed the cone, the arrow will change direction and lead you to the next checkpoint. When you’ve passed all checkpoints, the race is over.

This game is awkward to play at first. It is difficult to get used to the controls. The top-down single viewing angle is confusing and makes it hard to complete the course. However, once you’ve played a few times, the controls start to make sense and you can get through the course faster. The viewing angle is still confusing, though.

This game could really be fun if the courses were easier to follow and players could choose their plane and upgrade it with winnings. As it is, there is no real reason to compete in the race since you don’t earn any winnings or have to collect any coins. You also only see your opponents at the beginning of the race before then they take a different path, so you don't even feel like you are really in a race.

This may be a free game, but I’m not sure I can recommend getting it. Although the controls eventually make sense, they are so awkward at first, and with no guidance, that players will probably get frustrated and stop playing. Even if you do manage to get the controls down, there is no point to the race because you don’t win anything. I like the look of the game, but hate the execution of it. This game is just not worth the download.

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