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Puzzle Game Asks What Would Woodhead Do?

Puzzle Game Asks What Would Woodhead Do?

July 12, 2012
Woodhead by Terrible Games icon

Woodhead ($1.99) by Terrible Games tests whether or not you can guide Woodhead to the exit. You’ll need to move Woodhead around each puzzle, being careful to avoid obstacles and to limit your moves to the recommended par.

Woodhead by Terrible Games screenshot

The gameplay is similar to Squarescape in that Woodhead will keep sliding across the board until he hits something to stop him. Collect the jewels and then skidoo over to the exit, in the form of a tile with a star in the middle.

Each level not only challenges you to collect all of the jewels, but also to keep on (or under par) with the number of moves you make.

Aside from the blocks that are already set in each level, a special power up can place a solid block anywhere you choose. But danger exists as well. Weak tiles, one-way tiles, and holes are all there to stop you.

This game is filled with witticism, just like MacGuffin’s Curse. A press conference shows at the beginning of the game, where a corporeal Woodhead swigs his Courvoisier and announces to an anxious crowd his intention for releasing a new game. He plans on releasing a two-dimensional puzzle game, exclusively for the iPhone. All the hands go down.

While the press may not have been excited about the idea, there’s certainly plenty for you to enjoy.

I think $1.99 is a bit steep for this app in terms of the game you’re getting. However, the humor is almost like an app in itself, so I guess you can look at the price that way.

Puzzle fans looking for some thinking and laughing will enjoy this app. Grumpy people looking for an easy game need not apply.

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