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Still Looking For That Perfect iPad Snap Case? The Hue By id America May Be It

Still Looking For That Perfect iPad Snap Case? The Hue By id America May Be It

July 8, 2012
Are you toting your iPad around completely naked? Wait. Let me rephrase that. Are you toting your iPad around case-less? I know I was. It can be pretty frustrating trying to find an iPad case that’s the perfect fit for you — both literally and figuratively. I typically just use Apple’s Smart Cover and then toss my iPad in a padded case or bag when traveling. I could never find a case for the back I really liked to protect it from scratches in every day use, and I didn’t always want to have to cover up my iPad completely with a sleeve or folio case. We were recently sent the Hue case by id America, and I was able to test it out.

The Good

I absolutely fell in love with this back snap case the moment I put it on. As soon as I snapped the case onto my iPad, I knew this was the case for me. You can literally feel how well it fits on your device — know your iPad is safe and secure — as you snap each corner on. This is very important for an iPad snap case. It fit my iPad like a glove, and it’s not too heavy either. It doesn’t add much bulk, but, as with all cases, it does add a little weight. The other great thing I noticed right away was the feel of the case. It’s super soft and also grippy. I know most people like to have a case, not just to protect from scratches, but also to add that extra grip to it. After all, you wouldn’t want to be in bed reading on your iPad and have it slip and smash into your face. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything …

All of the ports, including the speaker and volume buttons, have open slots cut out for them so they’re easy to access. Not to mention I can use the case along with my Smart Cover, which is a must for me. And the case comes in six pastel colors that match the Hue iPhone cases. If pastels aren’t your thing, I would suggest the gray or the brighter pink. Although the gray is lighter, it’s not nearly as “soft” looking as say the pastel purple; the pink, however, is more of a brighter hue than the other pastels.

The Bad

There are two minor downsides to this case: due to the very light pastel coloring, the case gets dirty pretty quickly and shows it. However, this can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. And I also dislike having the brand's logo displayed on the back (it reads "BORN IN NEW YORK"). It’s not very big at all, but I’d still prefer a case with no brand name or logo on it whatsoever.


Despite those small complaints, this is by far the perfect snap case for my new iPad. The texture and grip, protection, and the perfect fit are the complete package for me. Not to mention the slim and lightweight fit. But maybe you prefer more complete iPad cases (like a folio). Either way, if you’re in the market for a simple case to protect the back of your iPad, you can purchase a Hue iPad case for $29.95 on the id America site. The case fits both the iPad 2 and the new iPad (third generation). I tested it out on my new, third generation iPad. Are you considering buying one? If not, what’s your favorite iPad case — or are you, too, still in the market for the perfect one? [gallery]

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