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Tentacle Wars Is Headed To iPhone And iPod Touch Later This Month

Tentacle Wars Is Headed To iPhone And iPod Touch Later This Month

July 14, 2012
FDG Entertainment, publisher of Captain Antarctica and many other family friendly games, has announced the upcoming release of Tentacle Wars for iPhone and iPod touch. Tentacle Wars HD launched mid-April and has received numerous positive reviews since then, resulting in a very pleasing five-star overall rating. Soon, iPhone and iPod touch owners will be able to join in on the excitement. An alien species is being wiped out by an aggressive disease, and you have been chosen to help. There are no vaccines or super drugs, just your command of the remaining antibody cells. Antibody cells use tentacles to drain energy from to weaken, then apply energy to convert other cells. You mission is to eradicate all enemy cells by converting them into antibodies. The concept is simple, draw a line from an antibody cell to another. You can supplement an antibody’s energy using another antibody cell, convert standard cells, and more. The situation becomes difficult when combating multiple and more resilient enemy cells. Tentacle Wars for iPhone is scheduled to hit App Store virtual shelves July 19 with an introductory price of $0.99, an initial 50 percent discount. You can view the original, Tentacle Wars HD for iPad, gameplay trailer below.

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