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The Next iPhone Could Be Most Popular Yet

The Next iPhone Could Be Most Popular Yet

July 23, 2012
A new ChangeWave survey suggests sales for Apple’s next generation iPhone could be record breaking. Still, it won’t be the only game in town. In a survey of 4,042 North American consumers, ChangeWave found that 31 percent of respondents are very likely or somewhat likely to purchase the sixth-generation iPhone, which should arrive sometime in the next three months. This compares to 9 percent who are very likely or somewhat likely to purchase Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which is already on sale. In 2011, a similar survey showed that 21.5 percent of North American consumers were very likely or someone likely to buy what became the iPhone 4S. That led to record sales of 37 million iPhones in the holiday 2011 quarter. This suggests, when you compare it to last year’s numbers, that Apple could sell 53.3 million iPhones in the holiday 2012 quarter.


The same survey showed that 19 percent of consumers planned on buying Samsung’s latest handset within the next 90 days. While Apple and Samsung can find positive news in this survey, other smartphone manufacturers cannot. Just 4 percent of consumers expect to buy a Motorola device soon, versus 3 percent for HTC devices, and 2 percent each for RIM and Nokia. When the next iPhone does arrive, and I’m still predicting a September unveil, it will likely include a larger screen, perhaps an A6 chip, and much more. Source: ChangeWave Via: AppleInsider Phone: "iPhone 5" mockup, DCI  

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