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The Sandbox Comes To The iPad And Includes Some New Toys

The Sandbox Comes To The iPad And Includes Some New Toys

July 12, 2012
It may not be as whimsical or have interactive characters like Pocket God, but The Sandbox still offers plenty of enjoyment. And with the recently published v1.04 update, there's even more fun in the pixelated universe with new content and native iPad support. For those unaware, The Sandbox is a mixture of retro game graphics, science, and a free play environment where you have god-like powers. Follow the guided Story Mode or unleash your full creativity in Free Mode by combining water and soil to make mud, assembling electrical circuits to power items, compressing ash to make oil, boiling or freezing water, and tons more. As for the new content, Story Mode includes three supplementary missions, Free Mode has seven extra backdrops, and both contain nearly 20 additional elements, which consist of new tree species and glowing gems, for you to unlock and utilize. Looking into the future, BulkyPix mentions the integration of more lifeforms, such as humans and birds, as well as destructive elements with high potency, such as TNT and C4, that will be "coming soon." The Sandbox is a universal app compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or later, and available in the App Store as a free download. [gallery link="file"]

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