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Whoa, Mama! Simpsons Comics By ComiXology Sure Has A Lot Of Issues

Whoa, Mama! Simpsons Comics By ComiXology Sure Has A Lot Of Issues

July 14, 2012
D'oh! I mean, woo hoo! Matt Groening, the esteemed creator of "The Simpsons" and publisher of Bongo Comics, has partnered with ComiXology to bring comic books based on the popular animated sitcom to iOS. This week has been filled with so many comic-related app news that you'd think there's a big comics convention happening somewhere. Oh, right. We've already heard about the game and comic fusion of The Adventures of Retrobot. Shortly after that, we welcomed the news of the upcoming comic book adaptations of Temple Run and Fruit Ninja. And now, we have the arrival of America's favorite dysfunctional family in an iOS comics app developed by Bongo and ComiXology. For its debut catalog, the Simpsons Comics app features the following issues:
  • Bart Simpson #1, 72
  • Bartman # 1, 2
  • Lisa Comics #1
  • Radioactive Man #8, 100
  • Simpsons Comics #1, 40, 87, 109, 131, 149, 175, 191
  • Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Bart Simpson's Pal Milhouse #1
  • Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Ralph Wiggum Comics #1
  • Simpsons Summer Shindig #1
  • Simpsons Super Spectacular #1, 15
The app will then include the digital versions of new Simpsons comic book titles within a month of their respective releases in print. Back issues will also be made available every now and then to satisfy the collection-crazy Comic Book Guy in you. Simpsons Comics is available now as a free universal app in the App Store. Since the app is powered by ComiXology, you can expect to take advantage of the company's Guided View Technology in viewing individual comic book panels of Simpsons Comics. That means you can easily read the comics while you perform Mr. Burns' Finger Pyramid of Evil Contemplation.

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