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AppFresh Daily: Pen HD, Agent Dash, Commando Jack, The Infinity Project 2, Alien Breed And More

AppFresh Daily: Pen HD, Agent Dash, Commando Jack, The Infinity Project 2, Alien Breed And More

August 2, 2012
AppFresh Daily features the best apps we’ve noticed that have been released in the last 24 hours. Thousands of apps get approved by Apple daily. Instead of having to dig through all of the junk, come to AppFresh Daily, where we hand select what we think are the new potential gems that we’re considering for review each day.


8-Bit Zombie ($0.99, 13.9 MB): This is a casual 2-D side scrolling game for the iPhone. The objective of the game is to blast through all the zombies that try to attack you. The game features several weapons and power-ups that you can use.

Chicken Raid ($0.99, 39.6 MB): Chicken Raid is a casual puzzle game for iPhone. The objective of the game is to touch an angry chicken and set off a chain reaction. You must strategically make your move as touching the wrong chicken may not eliminate all the others onscreen. The game features comic strips which you can unlock and great physics.


Agent Dash (Free, 29.0 MB): Agent Dash is an endless runner game for iOS. While the title borrows gameplay from Temple Run it adds tons of new features that make it unique. Agent Dash includes spy gadgets you can use to help you on your way. Equip the jet pack to sprint ahead or just slow down time with another gadget. You also have to destroy enemy bases along the way by drawing out your weapons. The game features several playable characters, great graphics and sound effects.

Monster Life™ (Free, 45.5 MB): Raise a team of monsters and take them to battle in this game. Monster Life is a lot like the Pokemon series of games. The objective is to explore the surrounding islands and battle people with other monsters. You must also feed your monsters in this game. There are 20 unique monsters to collect and play with.

Happy Street (Free, 33.5 MB): In Happy Street you must build your own village and interact with the people around you. There are many places to discover and you can visit people who also play this game. You can also play mini games such as fishing and crafting objects. There are three unique environments and more on the way.

Cats Away ($0.99, 17.7 MB): Abduct cats with your UFO to save them from a doomed planet. In this casual game you must collect as many cats as possible before the time runs out. Touch the screen to activate your beam and pick up a cat. The more stuff you pick up from the planet the stronger your beam gets. As you progress in this game you will unlock new planets and achievements.

Alien Breed ($4.99, 43.5 MB): This is a remake of a 1991 arcade game by Team17. Battle hordes of aliens in this top-down shooter. You can play with old retro graphics in Classic Mode or with modern ones in Enhanced Mode. There are four new levels with six original ones. The game features Game Center achievements and leaderboards.

VR Mission EXT ($0.99, 22.1 MB): In this game you play as an agent who must infiltrate enemy bases and steal intel. The game features great 2-D graphics and intense stealth gameplay. You will only succeed in your missions if you sneak past your enemies and escape quietly. You can also use weapons but at your own risk. There are tons of challenging levels in this game.

The Infinity Project 2 ($0.99, 527.4 MB): The Infinity Project 2 is a first person shooter for the iPhone. In this game you must stop the Talon High Commander from destroying Earth. The game features an engaging campaign mode with eight playable characters. There is also a survival and online multiplayer mode in this game.

San Juan ($7.99, 61.1 MB): San Juan is a card game for iOS. Take on the role of a governor, builder, producer, trader, or councilor and bring wealth to the city. Attempt to build the most important buildings before your competitors do. Whoever has the most influence in the city wins the game. The game's controls are simple where you just tap to view and set down cards.

Kid Vector ($1.99, 30.5 MB): Kid Vector is a platformer for iOS. In this game you have 15 levels to explore while avoiding several UFOs, space worms, and angry dragons. The game offers great vector graphics and is compatible with the iCade iOS accessory.

Carrot Watch! ($0.99, 38.9 MB): The foxes are after your precious orange gold and its up to you to stop them. In this game you play as a bunch of aggressive rabbits who must defend their gold. There are 10 different rabbits for you to control, each with their own special abilities. There are also 10 different types of foxes. This game features five playable worlds, each consisting of four levels each.

Commando Jack ($0.99, 59.4 MB): Commando Jack is a unique tower defense game for the iPhone. The objective of the game, like all other tower defense titles is to keep the invading army out. However, in this game, if a tower is not doing its job properly then you can jump in it and turn the game into a first person shooter. The game offers five challenging arenas that learn from the way you play making them harder to beat.


Pen HD - take notes, keep sketches and draw pictures (Free, 36.5 MB): Pen HD is a powerful note-taking app for the iPad. The app allows you to draw sketches and diagrams. you can keep sketches in their own notebooks and view them on a shelf. The app can also password protect your notes. You can also import photos from the camera roll and insert them into your notes.

That’s it for today. Did we miss anything?

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