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Apple Has Already Won The Tablet War, At Least In The United States

Apple Has Already Won The Tablet War, At Least In The United States

August 10, 2012
More juicy information continues to be released from the epic Apple v. Samsung patent infringement trial currently going on in a California courtroom. AllThingsD first highlighted some interesting sales numbers from both companies recently released as part of a court filing. While both companies always announce overall sales, the once-confidential information goes into much greater detail, breaking down numbers by product and region. All the information is definitely worth a look. But probably the most interesting tidbit is just how poorly Samsung’s tablets have sold in the United States compared to the iPad. In a seven-quarter period starting in 2010 and ending in the middle of this year, Samsung sold 1.4 million units of its Galaxy tablet series in the United States. That earned the company $644 million in revenue. How did the iPad do in the U.S. during the same time frame? Apple sold 29.7 million units to take in $14.8 billion in revenue. AllThingsD boiled those numbers down pretty concisely:
Put another way, Samsung sold fewer tablets over that entire seven-quarter period than Apple did in its worst quarter. Its revenue over that time period was less than 5 percent of what Apple generated.
While Samsung seems to be at least holding its own in smartphone sales versus the iPhone, the tablet war, at least in the United States, seems to already be decided. Along with the sales numbers, the trial has seen a docket full of information about both companies come to light. On the Apple side, we’ve seen numerous prototypes of early iPads and iPhones that never made it to market. Feel free to read up on all of our coverage of the trial. We’ll make sure to keep you up to date. Source: AllThingsD

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