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Apple Makes It Easier For Developers To Report Infringing Apps

Apple Makes It Easier For Developers To Report Infringing Apps

August 31, 2012
Apple looks to be making it easier for developers to stop copycat apps. According to 9to5Mac, the company has just introduced an iTunes Content Dispute page that can be found here. The page gets right the point:
Apps on the App Store are made available by third party providers. Once you have identified the app and described the alleged infringement on the following pages, we will respond via email with a reference number and will put you in direct contact with the provider of the disputed app. Any further contact with the App Store Legal team should be made via email and should include the reference number in the subject line.
This new portal comes on the heels of news yesterday, reported first by developer Benjamin Mayo, that Apple may have begun to reject apps that are in clear violation of other developer’s intellectual property or trademarks. For example, Mayo posted the screenshot of a rejection email that another developer received. In the email, Apple said the app was rejected because the icon looked like that of the popular to-do app Clear and might confuse consumers. We’ve been hammering Apple for quite a while regarding the numerous scams and ripoffs that have plagued the App Store. I’m glad to see the company looks to actually be taking a proactive approach to protect developers and consumers. Source: 9to5Mac

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