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Broken Record: Will The Nation's Fourth Largest Carrier Again Be Denied The iPhone?

Broken Record: Will The Nation's Fourth Largest Carrier Again Be Denied The iPhone?

August 28, 2012
Is T-Mobile finally getting the iPhone? Probably not, according to TmoNews, which says the nation’s fourth largest carrier is training their employees on how to sell against the iPhone beginning Sept. 21. According to an internal document, which we’ve posted here:
On September 21, a Grab & Go will be loaded into learning plans in eLMS and available on the new Competitive Resources space in Community (available September 5).
Sept. 21 just happens to be the date that U.S. retailers are expected to begin selling the next iPhone. Strangely, T-Mobile's training for this won’t be completed until Oct. 5 for T-Mobile internal employees, and Oct. 12 for “Branded” employees.

A T-Mobile iPhone has long been rumored. In fact, just weeks ago, we reported that the carrier would likely begin selling Apple’s handset this fall. What does this new information mean? We're not sure. On the surface, the document suggests T-Mobile will be passed over by Apple again. It could also be possible, however, that T-Mobile doesn’t yet know Apple’s plan. As such, they are preparing accordingly. Personally, I’d be surprised if T-Mobile didn’t begin selling the iPhone in a few weeks. After all, since February 2011 the number of U.S. carriers that do sell the handset has jumped from one to 11. Besides, thanks to T-Mobile's new unlimited 4G data plans, excluding them from the iPhone marketplace no longer makes sense. Regardless, we should find out soon. Apple is expected to unveil the next iPhone on Wednesday, Sept. 12. When they do, they will almost certainly confirm, or make no mention of, T-Mobile’s status as an iPhone retailer. Which carrier will you use for your new iPhone? Source: TmoNews

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