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Destroy The Pixelated Zombie Hoard In The New 8-Bit Zombie Deadops

Destroy The Pixelated Zombie Hoard In The New 8-Bit Zombie Deadops

August 19, 2012
A new iPhone game called "8-Bit Zombie Deadops" allows Apple fans to embark on a retro, pixelated mission in which users must save the world (and themselves!) from a zombie invasion. That's right, the dead are walking the earth. And the only thing for players to do is to don a firearm, and fight back in a series of levels. Utilizing the classic A + B button interface and a touchscreen D-Pad, folks can work through mission after mission in this fun, retro-style application. As outlined in the app's release notes:
The explosion of Zombie games has taken the world by storm and every game brings better graphics, larger levels and more complicated gameplay but what if you could go back to a time where video games were video games… thats right the 80's!!! [sic] 8 bit Zombie Blackops brings all your favorite zombie slaying game style to the iPhone in classic 8 bit form. Featuring 5 great levels filled with wave after wave of attacking zombies for your slaughtering pleasure.
Features of the application include:
  • Multiple weapons
  • Authentic 8 bit Music
  • Free updates
As the game's developer claims in the application's release notes, "George A. Romero would be so proud." And you know what? I think I'd have to agree. If 8-bit gameplay is your thing (be sure not to complain about the graphics if it isn't), consider downloading 8-Bit Zombie Deadops from the App Store. Currently, it's available for free.

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