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Evernote And Moleskine Team Up To Create A Smart Notebook For iOS Users

Evernote And Moleskine Team Up To Create A Smart Notebook For iOS Users

August 24, 2012
Evernote and Moleskine have announced a new partnership that will launch a new notebook that pairs with the Evernote app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. The Evernote Smart Notebook will allow creative ideas to leap from the page, and into the digital word. Available in two styles on Oct. 1, the Evernote Smart Notebook helps you capture ideas in written format, which you can snap anytime using your iOS device’s camera. From there, the notes are instantly transformed into searchable, shareable, and permanent Evernote memories. The Evernote Smart Notebook will be available in large ($29.95) and pocket ($24.95) versions, with each available with lined or squared paper. Each notebook purchased comes with three months of Evernote Premium, which is priced at $15. Evernote Premium offers a higher monthly upload capacity, improved searching for PDFs and images, and more note sharing options than the free Evernote version. Other features include:
Exclusively Designed Notebooks for New Page Camera Feature Evernote Smart Notebook will be available in "Evernote Ruled" and "Evernote Squared" page styles that are optimized for snapshots taken with Evernote's new Page Camera feature, available exclusively in the company's application for Apple's iPhone and iPad. The Page Camera automatically corrects perspective and improves the contrast between the ink or graphite and the Smart Notebook's pages to create a beautiful note that can be viewed, searched or shared at any time from within Evernote. Moleskine Smart Stickers Each notebook includes a set of multi-color Moleskine Smart Stickers. These stickers are associated with a custom tag in Evernote. When a snapshot of a page containing one, or more, of the Smart Stickers is taken, the Evernote App's Page Camera recognizes the stickers and automatically categorizes the digitized page in Evernote. Smart Stickers make digitally organizing your Evernote Smart Notebook content a snap.
Take a look:

Pre-orders are now being taken for the Evernote Smart Notebook through the Moleskine, and Evernote websites. Once we get our hands on one of the notebooks, we’ll certain let you know what we think. In the meantime, the Evernote app is available in the App Store. Also available are the universal Moleskine app and Moleskine Journal app for iPad. Like the Evernote app, both of these are free.

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