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Explaining A Website Has Never Been Easier, Even Your Grandma Could Do It

Explain a Website by MorrisCooke iconExplain a Website ($0.99) by MorrisCooke lets you create annotated videos explaining how to use websites in the iOS Web browser. These videos are very professional and useful. This is such a unique and valuable app that I can’t wait to share it with all my friends.
Explain a Website by MorrisCooke screenshotIt is so easy to use Explain a Website. Just enter any website into the browser window and start annotating. Explain a Website provides you with three tools to make explaining your website as simple as possible. These tools include a marker, a laser pointer, and a tool for drawing and writing. The marker and drawing tool come in three different colors and two different styles are provided for the laser pointer. Once you have noted something on the website using these tools, it will stick to the site even if you want to scroll. These are all incredibly useful features that I had fun using. Once you have decided how you want to explain your website, click the record button and start making your explanatory video. The video records your voice, as well as the markings you make on the website. The resulting product is a beautiful how-to video that explains any website you want. This video can be exported as a project to Evernote, Dropbox, your photo library, or you can publish it to YouTube. I think this app would be useful not just for explaining websites, but for testing websites as well. This ability to record voice and actions would make it very easy for anyone to mark potential problems on websites and explain what could be changed. Explain a Website would be my top recommendation for anyone who needs to edit or review websites.
Explain a Website by MorrisCooke screenshotAll in all, Explain a Website is a convenient, practical app that can be used over and over again. I know I will be using it very often to help my friends and parents understand websites that I recommend to them. If you ever need visuals to help explain websites then this is the perfect app for you. Check out Explain a Website in the App Store today. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]
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