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Get Your Personal Finances In Order With 'Weekly Budget'

Get Your Personal Finances In Order With 'Weekly Budget'

August 6, 2012
A new iPhone application allows users to keep tabs on their weekly budget, input daily expenses and analyse personal finances, all from within a simple, elegant interface. The app is called "Weekly budget: tracker and calculator," and it's currently available to download in the App Store for $0.99. As outlined in the application's release notes:
Have you ever wondered where your money goes to each week? Want to know exactly how much you are spending each week? Track all your weekly purchases with this gorgeous, simple to use weekly budget tracker. Set yourself a weekly budget. Enter in your purchases - coffees, gas, lunch, whatever you buy during the week. Get real time updates on how much of your budget you have to spend for the rest of the week. Also review your weekly purchases to get a very useful insight on where exactly you are spending your money.
Features of "Weekly budget" include:
  • Beautifully designed and SIMPLE to use!
  • Set your weekly budget
  • Choose what day of the week to begin
  • Select your currency symbol. This app supports 48 international currencies including dollars, euros, pounds, yen, rubles and the won.
  • Input your daily purchases
  • See in real time how much you have left to spend for the week
  • Found some money behind the sofa? Excellent, lets add it to your budget!
  • Group your purchases by category (e.g. food, petrol, etc). Full customisable categories
  • Analyse what you spend most of your money on each week
  • Carry forward any money you didn’t spend last week to the next week.
  • Export via CSS / email
Similar personal finance applications are available in the App Store, with one of the best - and most recent - additions being Bankr Personal Finance. But there are a large number of other, similar apps, too. However, if none of these float your boat, consider downloading "Weekly budget." As mentioned, "Weekly budget" is currently available in the App Store for $0.99, and it's natively compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. Download it now, and keep a strong hold on your personal finances!

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