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Get Your Events Planned Pronto With This Elegant App

Get Your Events Planned Pronto With This Elegant App

August 28, 2012
Pronto by Createful Ltd icon

Pronto ($0.99) by Createful Ltd is a beautiful app that helps you keep track of the events that matter.

I love being productive, so I am always on the lookout for new productivity apps that can help me out. Another thing I like seeing in an app is a beautiful design. That's how I stumbled across Pronto, even though the design looks similar to Clear. However, Pronto is not just a task manager — sure, it can be used for keeping track of your todos, but it is also a way to keep track of important events and appointments. It's more like an event planner, actually.

Pronto by Createful Ltd screenshot

On the main screen, users are able to create new “lists,” which can also refer to projects, or just broad categories. You can quickly and easily add as many of these as you need. Since these will just show up in the order that you create them (newest on bottom), you can rearrange the order by tapping on the Edit button.

As you view a list, you can create sublists and even add todos in them. Just tap on the + button once again and give it a name. If you require a date for a sublist, then you can select one right underneath the text. You can swipe on these to edit, delete, or set a date. You can also set the app to give you a local reminder notification a certain amount of days before (from one to 30) or on the event, and have it set to repeat monthly or annually.

Tapping the name of a sublist will reveal the “Add To-do” option. Any to-dos that you add will have a white checkbox that stands out against the purple gradient background — tap on the checkbox when the item is done to tick it off.

Pronto by Createful Ltd screenshot

A fantastic thing about Pronto is the fact that if you have a date set for a list, you are able to see just how many days are left until that event, or how many days have elapsed since it started. It’s like a hybrid of tasks and countdowns, so you can easily organize and plan for those important days. And it’s all done in a beautiful interface, complete with custom buttons and dialogue boxes.

The only thing I wish Pronto had was a way to backup my data. Something like Dropbox, or even iCloud, so that I could have my data across multiple devices would definitely be handy for an app that is supposed to help plan long-term events. It would also be nice to see different color schemes in the future, because while I’m fine with purple, I’m sure there are some that aren’t. Variety would be nice.

Regardless, this app is a perfect tool for event planning. If you are in need of an event planner that combines countdowns with tasks, then this is the app you need. It’s well worth the dollar spent.

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