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Index Card For iPad Gains Another Stack Of Improvements

Index Card For iPad Gains Another Stack Of Improvements

August 14, 2012
In June, DenVog released Index Card v3.1, an update that added Dropbox integration, but primarily included tweaks to previously implemented features based on user feedback for efficiency. Today, DenVog performed another round of tidying and fixing things up through the release of Index Card v3.2 for iPad. Indeed, iPhone and iPod touch owners can skip this announcement. Originally, Dropbox access for importing Index Card projects was placed within the Settings menu. Not the worst place, but it didn't entirely make sense. In v3.2, Copy from Dropbox has been relocated to the bottom of the Projects popover. In addition, the Dropbox list is now sortable by name or modification date, which are now displayed in an easier to read format. Another new feature of the Project popover is project renaming, just tap Edit, then a project name. For anyone wondering, it's still possible to change a project name from within a project by tapping on the name in the top toolbar. Speaking of visual efficiency, there are two other notable, along with a few minor, UI modifications that will help make things a little easier to spot and adjust. The first, "Include in Draft" is now a checkbox rather than a toggle switch, and the second, the card count is clearly shown in the navigation bar while in stack and card management mode. Helping both new and current users, DenVog is now providing a "What's New" and FAQ list within the Information "i" area. Remember, general instructions, and now tips, can be found in the Tutorial project. The latest trick, tap the lower toolbar in Outline view mode to be instantly moved to the bottom of the card and stack list. To wrap things up, here is the maintenance log listed by DenVog:
  • Duplicating a project will now respect the sort order of stacks as found in the original source project
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a column heading (stack in column mode) sometimes caused a crash.
  • Hyphen key now inserts ASCII hyphen-minus, instead of unicode U+2212 (minus)
  • Plain Text files are now saved in UTF-8 (instead of UTF-16)
  • Tap Done button on keyboard saves when creating new Project
  • Retina graphic for extended keyboard buttons (bullet, left, right, apostrophe, quote, forward delete)
  • Flip from right to view back, and reversed to go to front.
  Index Card for iPad is compatible with iOS 4.2 or later, and available in the App Store for $4.99. [gallery link="file"]

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