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Is Instaquotes Worth A Second Look?

Is Instaquotes Worth A Second Look?

August 16, 2012
In June, a new app arrived in the App Store called Instaquotes. Unfortunately, it was soon discovered that the app came with malware that affected Windows-based computers. Now, with the worm gone, the app has returned to the App Store. But, does it deserve your support? For $1.99, Instaquotes Pro -Quotes Cards For Instagram offers a way for customers to view Instagram quote boards from users such as “Teenager Posts” and “Someecards.” In doing so, it promises to promote up to 2,000 "ready-image" quotes, with 150 new ones added daily. Don’t know any of these Instagram users? No problem, as Instaquotes wants others to join them by emailing them. Whenever you find quotes you like, you can share them on Facebook, with email, or once again, through Instagram. You can also send them to your iPhone's camera roll for future viewing. Unfortunately, Instaquote has left me cold since I see no benefit in using it. For one, if you really want to see quotes from Instagram, you can simply use the #quote hashtag within the actual app, which happens to be free. For another, did I mention that Instaquotes costs $1.99? This app reminds me of Tweetgram, which came onto the scene in 2011. However, at least with this app, which is also free, you can actually create your own quotes for the blogosphere to see. With or without malware, Instaquotes is unnecessary. My advice: Continue using Instagram and move on.

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