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Jailbreakers Can Now Customize Their Lock Screen, Respring Free

Jailbreakers Can Now Customize Their Lock Screen, Respring Free

August 20, 2012
One of the downsides of Lock screen customization is that the jailbroken handset, more often than not, requires a "respring" in order for any changes made to take effect. Not only is this inconvenient, but having to respring an iPhone can put users off wanting to customize the smartphone in the first place. Fortunately, one new jailbreak tweak allows for Lock screen customization and does not require the handset to be "resprung" after. As Redmond Pie reports, the jailbreak tweak is called LockScreenCustomizer. Here's what you can expect from the package:
One of the first available options within the configurable settings of the tweak is the ability to change the text string that appears on the placeholder that is designated for unlocking the device. Rather than having the usual Slide to Unlock string, users can add their own personalized string of text. The tweak also offers the ability to toggle the top status bar on or off while on the lock screen. Turning the bar off will leave all interface elements like the battery symbol behind it, but the physical bar will make an exit.
In addition, users can also configure whether a time icon and padlock (which indicates that the handset is locked) are displayed on the Lock screen. If you're interested in taking LockScreenCustomizer for a spin, head on over to the Cydia Store and take a look at the new jailbreak tweak. Currently, it's available for free via the ModMyi repository. Source: Redmond Pie

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