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Lift Your Potential To The Fullest With New Habit-Forming App Lift

Lift Your Potential To The Fullest With New Habit-Forming App Lift

August 30, 2012
Bad habits are hard to break. Good habits are hard to form. The folks behind a new app called Lift are no doubt well aware of these two facts of life. Backed by several Twitter co-founders, Lift is an iPhone app that’s aimed at helping users form good habits and perhaps break a few bad ones too. According to its App Store description, Lift “helps you overcome complacency by enabling you to declare your habit goals and see when you're actually making progress on them.” Lift makes it super easy to add your habits and track how well you’re performing them. You can add your own habits by name or select among the most popular habits already added by Lift users. Once a habit has been added, recording your performance is a simple matter of checking in to that habit with just a tap per day. You can also add a note to your checkin if you’re so inclined. Further, you can view weekly and monthly reports about your progress. What’s more, Lift encourages social interaction by letting you give props to other users who are pursuing the same habits as you are. The app also lets you connect with your friends through Twitter and Facebook integration. We’ll have a full review of Lift here on AppAdvice later. For now, though, you can already download the app in the App Store for free. Whether you want to read for pleasure daily or you want to stop smoking altogether, you can use Lift to track your path toward forming any sensible habit. I for one am set to use Lift to track my daily flossing performance.

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