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People Want A Real Apple Television, But Only If The Price Is Right

People Want A Real Apple Television, But Only If The Price Is Right

August 8, 2012
Should Apple decide to release a so-called iTV, nearly a third of consumers would consider purchasing one even though they don't currently need a television and assuming the price was right. In total, 49 percent of all customers expressed interest in a possible Apple television, according to AppleInsider. In what is being called an “accurate representative of the broader U.S. demographic,” PiperJaffray interviewed 200 respondents about their interest in an Apple television. Of these, 29 percent said they could “suddenly be lured back” to the television market, even though they weren’t currently looking for a new entertainment system. If Apple were to price the iTV at $1,500, however, just 12 percent of respondents would be interested in making a purchase. The average consumer would pay $530 for an 42-inch Apple television. The survey also suggested that if Apple were to attract just 10 percent of the overall U.S. TV market, they would add 4 percent to their earnings. Based on Piper's analysis of fiscal 2014 earnings estimates, this would amount to $9 billion in sales. Says analyst Gene Munster:
The level of interest generated by the ecosystem potential shows how powerful the Apple ecosystem has become, as demonstrated by the fact that 67% of all survey respondents interested in the TV owned an iPhone, iPad, or both. The bigger theme that is emerging from this data point is Apple is becoming less a product and more of a platform company that consumers find increasingly more difficult to leave.
The most recent Apple television rumors suggested Cupertino wouldn't release the product until 2014. What price would you be willing to pay for an iTV? Source: AppleInsider

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