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There's Something Funny About A Smashed Up Bunny In Crazy Freefall Ride

August 5, 2012
Crazy Freefall Ride by Mad Head Limited icon

Crazy Freefall Ride (Free) by Mad Head Limited puts the life of a cute little anime bunny in your hands. There’s also some kind of weird cat creature with a zipper for a mouth, but I’m not sure how it fits into the game.

What is apparent, though, is that you’ll need to stop the free fall ride before it crashes at the bottom. Just like Lab Asylum, this game is all about reaction time.

Crazy Freefall Ride by Mad Head Limited screenshot

ap the red stop button to activate the brakes as the ride screams downward. The trick is to pay keen attention to the ride’s height as the number rapidly decrease.

Hitting the button too early results in losing, and too late results in the bunny crashing into the screen, like the characters in Subway Surfers.

Obviously, the closer you flirt with death, the more you’re rewarded for it. Each round brings the ride higher and higher.

The game is free, coming with a cost of a banner advertisement at the top of the screen. What I appreciate, though, is that the banner is hidden during actual gameplay. Every little bit of concentration is needed to stop the ride in time, and an ad at the top would be quite the distraction.

Aside from the ads, my only complaint would be the stylized buttons. Each button is designed to have a kind of puffy cloud embellishment (that actually make them look more like bones), which kind of fogs up what the button is supposed to be for.

Those familiar with the typical buttons found in an iOS game (play, menu, pause, replay) may not have too much of an issue, but those not familiar may be unsure of what each button does.

This is a fun game that definitely sees if your reaction skills can pay the bills. Even losing is still enjoyable, just to see the bunny fly off the ride.

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