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Apparently, Most Players Don't Like How The World Turns In Subway Surfers

Apparently, Most Players Don't Like How The World Turns In Subway Surfers

July 29, 2012
Subway Surfers has recently received another update, which adds a much-requested feature to the game. Actually, the update constitutes not an addition of the feature in question but rather a mere reversion to it. Subway Surfers takes the basic behind-the-back endless running gameplay popularized by Temple Run and runs away with it, so to speak. Instead of being chased by mutant monkeys from a mysterious temple, you are chased by a grumpy inspector and his pitbull in Subway Surfers. Having caught you vandalizing a train, man and dog are none too happy. And so you take to the tracks, grinding trains and dodging barriers as you make your escape. Released by Frisbee Forever 2 developer Kiloo Games last May, the game was updated a couple of weeks ago with various enhancements. As outlined in the game's changelog, these enhancements included new unlockable characters, new trophies, new achievements, and GUI redesign. Apparently not included in the game's changelog (unless it's part of the GUI redesign) was something called "world rotation." If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Basically, world rotation adds different degrees of bends and inclinations to the tracks in Subway Surfers. Whereas Subway Surfers originally rendered tracks as approaching from the horizon at a fixed curve, world rotation varies that curve from time to time within a game. With world rotation, it's a bit more difficult to anticipate oncoming trains and barriers. I welcomed the variation, though, and I deemed it quite rewarding to overcome them in spite of their erratic twists and turns. But it would appear that most other players were not so pleased with world rotation. So, by popular demand, Subway Surfers has been updated with the removal of this almost universally unwanted feature. The world rotation-free Subway Surfers is available now in the App Store for free. I'm not one to complain, though, as Subway Surfers remains a great Temple Run alternative, with or without world rotation.

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