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Fairy Magic Blurs The Line Between Fantasy And Reality

August 17, 2012
Fairy Magic by Inlifesize Ltd. icon

Fairy Magic ($0.99) by Inlifesize Ltd. uncovers the hidden world of fairies, right on on your iDevice. Just about any little girl will tell you that fairies are real. Now you can reply to them, “I know,” and show them this app.

The app uses augmented reality (AR) to show the 3D fairies flitting in your environment. While AR isn’t anything new for iDevices (as seen by newly-released Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast), how it’s executed is everything.

Fairy Magic by Inlifesize Ltd. screenshot

Some apps just use AR as a gimmick, slapping a 3D model over a real backdrop (such as Live Butterflies).

However, when AR is used as a tool to add more depth to interactivity, then you’re on to something.

This app certainly does take AR up a notch.

Simply tap near one and circle your finger to draw the fairy toward you. Once you’ve drawn one in, you can tap near her to play music, or see what tricks she is up to in general. Pinching in will activate a screenshot mode, for taking pictures and sharing them on Facebook or Twitter.

You will also be rewarded with a puzzle piece for viewing later.

Just make sure not to tap too much or shake your iDevice because the fairy will fly away if she gets upset.

The best catch you can make is a queen or princess fairy. Not as common as the others these higher-level fairies will mimic your voice. At least they are not as annoying as Talking Lila the Fairy.

Fairy Magic by Inlifesize Ltd. screenshot

Laying your iDevice flat activates the fairy pool, which turns the display into a rippled view. Here you can look at the pictures taken and the puzzles for the different types of fairies.

The details and the animation of the fairies are beautifully rendered. It’s no wonder, considering the developers have some big credits under their belts, including the “Avatar” and “Harry Potter” movies.

Perhaps the main drawback to this app is the constant interruption of tip prompts. I can understand showing these when first launching the app, but they became quite annoying all of the times they showed after that.

This augmented reality app would be the perfect gift for any imaginative little girl.

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