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Help Mossy Find His Map In Funny Wood

August 4, 2012
Funny Wood™ by Chillingo Ltd icon

Funny Wood™ ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd sees if you can help Mossy and his friends find hidden objects scattered throughout the forest.

Mossy is a little green guy who’s trying to use his map to find the greatest party ever in the forest. You can imagine it becomes quite a problem when he not only loses the map, but it also gets torn into different pieces.

Funny Wood™ by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

Different characters lend a leafy hand, but they’ll definitely need your help.

You’re first presented with an idyllic forest scene, with all of the different tree-like characters playing.

Scan the area to find the map pieces. Tapping on the different characters results in a little animation.

There are plenty of hidden object games around, ranging across many different themes. This one seems to be geared more toward a younger audience, though that doesn’t mean it’s a cakewalk.

A magnifying glass is available if you need a hand. You can use it once per level to spot one of the items.

One interesting take that I hadn’t noticed in a hidden objects game before is the addition of a top layer of elements that cover the scene. When starting out, you’ll see a screen of clouds floating over the woods. You can brush them aside by simply swiping. Later, the same will happen with bubbles and even spiders.

“Wouldn’t that just be annoying?” you might ask. True, it is a little annoying moving the different elements aside, but they also provide a unique aspect of gameplay.

For starters, the difficulty level is inherently increased when you have occasional things like clouds blocking your view, so those looking for a challenge have found it. Second of all, the top layer of elements prevent what I call “carpet tapping,” which is the enemy of any hidden object game.

This is a neat hidden object game from the folks at Chillingo. Don’t let the cutesy characters fool you, though. There’s definitely a challenging experience to be had.

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