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Is Lister Going To Be Your Go-To List App?

Is Lister Going To Be Your Go-To List App?

August 21, 2012
Lister: Shopping and To Do Lists by 30 South LLC icon

Lister: Shopping and To Do Lists ($0.99) by 30 South LLC aims to be your all-in-one app for lists, regardless of what kind they are.

If you're looking for the best way to keep organized and on track, then lists should be your friend. They are simple enough to jot down things that you need or want, and it's a lot easier than using the GTD methodology.

But what if you use shopping and to-do lists? It can be a hassle to use separate apps for them, such as Buy Me A Pie! and Wunderlist, for example. Lister aims to simplify things with a single app, but I'm not sure if it's executed in the best way.

Lister: Shopping and To Do Lists by 30 South LLC screenshot

When the app is launched, you're on the main screen, which shows "Make a New List" or "View My Lists." You can also access the app settings from the gear button in the bottom corner, but there isn't much to find here — just the option to remove items when checked off, or reset the entire app. Lister features a very skeuomorphic design that is supposed to represent a leather bound planner.

As you go and make a new list, it will ask for a name, an optional passcode if you need security, and allow you to choose between a Shopping or ToDo List. To add a new item to a list, just start typing at the top and tap on the “+” to add it to the currently selected list.

Additionally, before you confirm the addition, you can choose what category the item falls under. By default, it is always set to “Baby” because the categories are listed in alphabetical order. I kind of wish that the app would show the last used category instead, because it’s a bit annoying to have to keep changing it from “Baby.”

Tapping on an item that is already entered will allow you to edit it (the name and category), input how much it will cost, and how many units you need. If you have items with prices, the app will give you a total of how much it will cost, which is really handy for your shopping lists.

Lister: Shopping and To Do Lists by 30 South LLC screenshot

What I don’t quite get is why these options are also available for to-do items. Tasks will probably require due dates or times, or at least remind the user. There is none of that here. I’m not sure why the app even bothers to advertise todos, because to me, the app is just one big shopping list.

I wanted to like the app, but it just falls short. There isn’t even a way to backup your data or have it synced across multiple devices. I mean, if you are just going to use your phone for all your lists, then that’s fine, but what happens if you need to do a factory restore but haven’t completed your lists? The design of it is a bit clunky as well — I’m definitely not a fan.

I can't recommend this app because of many shortcomings. However, if you are still looking for a good list app, then I recommend checking out my list app showdown.

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