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Land In Style Or Land On Your Head In Pumped: BMX

Pumped: BMX by Yeah Us! icon

Pumped: BMX ($1.99) by Yeah Us! puts you in control of a BMX biker in this tilt control game.

The tutorial starts out by explaining how to “pump” the pedals in order to gain speed and jump from hills. Once you’re good with that, you learn more about the different ways to tilt the iDevice to pull off tricks.

Pumped: BMX by Yeah Us! screenshot

Timing is everything in this game because tilting should be done just before the jump begins. Tilt left for hills that are low and long, and right for short, high hills.

Once you’ve got that down, it’s time to learn about spinning to perform even fancier tricks. The “flick” button is a control stick that will help you perform the tricks. Try moves such as Superman, three sixty, and tailwhip.

No tricks means no points, which ultimately means no further levels. So you might want to get in some practice. Finally, the spin button works in conjunction with tilting to give you a faster spin.

Of course, what would a tilt control game be without the loss of control? Time a jump wrong, miss a jump, or half-complete a trick are all good ways to end the game.

Instead of the rider’s body tearing into different parts, such as in Moto X Star HD, he’ll simply turn into a puff of dust.

You can move on to the different “worlds” once you’ve earned enough stars from the previous ones. The worlds include: back yard, the farm, desert, and the big city. There are 36 levels total.

I’m not a fan of tilt control games. I guess it has something to do with needing to play a level numerous times until I complete it. Cartoon-like games that allow more room for error, such as JellyCar 3 are more my thing.

The number of different control options seems to be a blessing and a curse. Those looking to pull off some cool tricks certainly have plenty of options for going big. For those looking to just complete the level, there are plenty of options for messing up.

BMX fans looking for a challenge will most likely gravitate toward this app. Its extra controls aside from speeding up and tilting offer a variety of tricks to attempt.

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