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Puppy Sanctuary Satisfies Your Simulation Game Cravings And Match-Three Addiction At Once

Puppy Sanctuary Satisfies Your Simulation Game Cravings And Match-Three Addiction At Once

August 14, 2012
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Puppy Sanctuary (Free) by Clockwork Pixels combines matching puzzle challenges with simulation games. Clear the board of gems and keep your puppies happy, all at the same time. Unlock the full version for half off for a limited time.

Puppy Sanctuary by Clockwork Pixels screenshot

Players are tasked with rescuing fluffy little pups from aliens who want to steal our precious pets for themselves. To break a puppy out of the alien cage, players must complete a match-three style puzzle. Tiles can be moved vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to make matches.

Once you rescue the puppy, he will be sent to a puppy sanctuary where you can play with him, brush him and feed him. Players earn special items to care for puppies by completing match-three puzzles. There are also hidden object puzzles that you can play to collect food and water for your puppies.

Players also earn gems for completing levels that can be used to decorate the puppy sanctuary and buy toys to play with the pups. The little rascals love attention and will jump and backflip and stand on their heads when you toss a ball out or blow some soap bubbles.

The puppies’ health is directly related to their moods. If one of them has a bad dream or feels lonely, his mood will sadden and you must play with him or groom him in order to make him happy again.

There are 40 puppies to collect and four different sanctuaries. The free version lets you play to level 11 and unlock five puppies. If you love the game as much as I do, you should just upgrade to the full version as soon as you download it. Currently, players can unlock the full version with all levels, all puppies, all items and all sanctuaries for only $0.99 and it is totally worth it.

What makes this app so unique is that it combines two very different genres into one, super fun game. Not only do you get to play mindlessly addictive match-three puzzle challenges, but you also get to rescue and care for a bundle of fluffy little puppies. Puppy Sanctuary is like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the iOS game world.

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