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PuzzleJanken Updates Rock-Paper-Scissors Without Spock Or A Lizard

PuzzleJanken Updates Rock-Paper-Scissors Without Spock Or A Lizard

August 12, 2012
PuzzleJanken by I-FREEK INC. icon

PuzzleJanken (Free) by I-FREEK INC. puts a unique twist on the classic game of rock-paper-scissors. We all know the drill about how to play, but what if instead of deciding who gets to go first, the game was applied in a puzzle format?

PuzzleJanken by I-FREEK INC. screenshot

That’s exactly the question this game answers. Each level is a grid of hexagons. Different icons representing the rock, paper, and scissors are clustered together.

You need to get rid of all the icons by playing the stronger one against the weaker one. Both disappear in the event of a tie, which can be quite helpful for getting rid of the icons.

A “target” icon represents the one that needs to be taken last. Failure to do so won’t end the level. Strategy also comes into play because you’ll need to string all of the moves in a consecutive line in order to end on the target.

Being a free game, there is an banner for ads at the bottom. The ads are hardly intrusive, and at least the game strays from offering in-app purchases (like maybe buying Spock and a lizard).

Like 4 In A 3D Row and Chess Galaxy, this classic game is given a futuristic look in regards to aesthetics and gameplay.

The game’s difficulty doesn’t really kick in until about level 10, but that’s not to say it’s not entertaining as you search for the increase in challenge.

This is a fun little game that can easily be played on the fly. You already know the rules. Even better, you don’t need to score two-out-of-three in order to win.

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