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Get Me To The Charge In Time In Robo Drop

Robo Drop by Hapiapps icon

Robo Drop ($0.99) by Hapiapps tests your critical thinking skills in order to land a robot on a charging station.

The task is simple enough: tap the various boxes to eliminate them.

Robo Drop by Hapiapps screenshot

A green-eyed robot rests on top of the boxes, and you’ll need to eliminate them in a way that lands the robot on top of a battery. He can recharge once he lands on the battery and all of the blocks have been cleared, which will then end the level.

The level will also end if the robot happens to fall short of the battery or touches the floor, so you'll want to avoid that.

This game has the physics-based gameplay of Foozle, in that you can quickly tap multiple elements in the game, as well as the general level designs.

The levels are well-designed, starting the player on an easy difficulty level, and then slowly ramping up the challenge. In addition to the various boxes, there are also rubber tires to add some bounce, and even bomb boxes once you enter the higher levels.

What I like about this game is that there’s really no one way to charge the robot. You’re golden as long as you can just get the robot onto the battery.

I would have to say the one critique I have of this game is the factory background. While it does have a cool look, such as the factory levels in TwinGo!, the background looks so busy and similar to the robot that it becomes difficult to differentiate the two. This is especially so, since this is an iPhone only release.

While this is a problem, I wouldn’t consider it a deal breaker. The gameplay more than makes up for it. Robo Drop is a fun little app for those looking for a casual challenge. With 90 levels available, you’ll certainly get your fill of robot charging.

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