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Can You Make A Difference For A Starfish In Sea Star HD?

Can You Make A Difference For A Starfish In Sea Star HD?

August 18, 2012
Sea Star HD by HF Games icon

Sea Star HD (Free) by HF Games has you tilting your iDevice to save starfish.

Guide the red starfish to the bigger, yellow starfish in order to finish the level. This is similar to Space Survivors.

Sea Star HD by HF Games screenshot

Watch out for the fish hooks dangling in your way and strong currents that can either help push you toward your goal or toward a fish hook.

At least the fish hooks will reel upward if they catch one of your little buddies. That means that if you need to, you can always sacrifice one of them for the greater good. You can advance to the next level as long as you finish with at least three starfish.

Sometimes you start off with all of your starfish ready to roll, though other times some of them may be sleeping. Bounce one of your others into them to wake them up. Though, again, as long as you can squeak by with at least three guys, you don’t need to worry about gathering extras.

The controls for tilting are responsive and don’t feel too “loose.” You can only tilt the iDevice so far before the controlling stops.

It’d be interesting if other options for controlling the stars were available, such as in Messy Ghost HD. Perhaps being able to tilt and swipe would add some variation to the game.

Speaking of variation, the levels tend to blend together after a while. With only the hooks and the currents as obstacles, there’s only so much you can do for each of the 48 levels.

Overall, this is a fun game that will put your puzzle solving and fine motor control skills to the test. Chances are you may get bored by the lack of variety before you complete all 48 levels, but at least it’s free.

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