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Alternate Method Of Blowing Up Aliens Found In Space Inflaters

Alternate Method Of Blowing Up Aliens Found In Space Inflaters

August 16, 2012
Space Inflaters by Dobsoft Studios icon

Space Inflaters (Free) by Dobsoft Studios is a strangely addictive shoot em up.

Aliens are invading and it’s up to you to stop them. The only way to do it is blowing them up like a balloon and popping them as happily as a kid would.

Space Inflaters by Dobsoft Studios screenshot

The aliens turn into helpless balloons once your laser fire hits them. However, you won’t get any coins from them until your ship pops them.

While the alien balloons are harmless, they do block your view of the playing area, so popping them as soon as possible is the best course of action.

Dragging your finger on the screen will not only move your ship, but also fires your lasers. I found that keeping my finger below the ship at the bottom of the screen worked best because I could move the ship, fire, and be able to see everything that was going on.

Powerups are also available, either for purchase from the store, or within the game. Different spaceships are another option in the store once you’ve earned (or bought) enough coins.

In an interesting move, the ads by default are disabled in the game. But you can take a bite from the forbidden fruit to give you 1,000 coins for free. The catch (how could it be forbidden fruit if there wasn’t a catch?) is that ads become enabled between games.

Having the ads enabled is tolerable, but the choice is yours if you want to go that route or not.

Space Inflaters by Dobsoft Studios screenshot

Another unique way to obtain coins is to fulfill a bonus contract set at the beginning of the game. The contract can be something as simple as pop 100 aliens to earn 100 coins.

This is neat because it gives you an optional objective to shoot for, with no penalty if you don’t satisfy the requirements.

Gameplay is casual, yet challenging as the game progresses. This is unlike another shoot em up, Bug Princess 2, which goes ballistic. The aliens also follow in different patterns, which I think harks back to the original shoot em up games like Galaga.

For using a freemium model, this game isn’t all that bad. At least you can choose how freemium you want to make it.

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