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Looking For A Puzzle That Will Make You ThinkO?

Looking For A Puzzle That Will Make You ThinkO?

August 22, 2012
ThinkO by Landka icon

ThinkO ($1.99) by Landka will really get your brain going. Really, it’s all about thinking before making a move here.

I love puzzle games. They're definitely a great way to relax, while getting your brain juices going. Not to mention the simple but addictive gameplay. The iOS platform is a perfect platform for such games, and ThinkO is a must-have if you like strategy.

ThinkO by Landka screenshot

There are three game modes in ThinkO, each with their own unique game style. There’s Classic, which will have you eliminating blocks with a minimum number of moves. With each move, a new block is added. As you’d imagine, those blocks will start building up rather quickly if you’re making bad moves. There’s also a meter that shows you how many more moves you can make — clearing blocks will add to the meter. You have a certain threshold of blocks that you must get rid of, but if you run out of moves, then the game ends.

In Speed Mode, you will have to race against the clock as you work to remove blocks from the game screen. I like the fact that the game will lock in rings when they are in the appropriate block, because it really helps speed things up. I wish that this was available in Classic mode though, because it would mean less wasted moves. In Puzzle, you will have to eliminate the blocks simultaneously in a limited amount of moves. This will be the most difficult, because you will have to plan your moves out and see where each ring will end up.

The controls in ThinkO is very simple — just move lines of rings by swiping them left, right, up, and down. There will be colored blocks that appear on the board, and you will have to get the appropriately colored ring into each block in the group to clear it. You can go back a move by swiping the top of the screen. Sounds rather easy, right? Oh, but the game is far from easy.

As you progress, there will be new rings that will block your way, and even double and triple rings that move multiple lines at once in either direction. To get rid of these, you’ll have to match the same color blocks several times to get rid of them.

ThinkO by Landka screenshot

ThinkO also has several special rings that you can purchase via in-game currency or in-app purchases. These rings include: Rainbow, a viral ring that will contaminate adjacent ones, Diamonds which remove an entire block, Poison will turn everything into green, Thunder eliminates all blocks in their path, and Diamond rain will create multiple diamond rings on the board.

Game Center is supported, and you can compete globally with leaderboards and collect achievements for points on your profile.

ThinkO, while very challenging, is also very fun. I found myself drawn into the game with the stunning Retina-ready graphics and delightful sounds and music. I love games that make you think, and this is definitely one of them. I highly recommend checking out ThinkO if you want a new casual game for your iPhone or iPad.

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