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Tweet Category Organizes Your Tweets With An Obsessive Amount Of Detail

Tweet Category Organizes Your Tweets With An Obsessive Amount Of Detail

August 17, 2012
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Tweet Category ($2.99) by Tweet Category is a Twitter analysis program that lets you dig into the details of who is saying what about you. If you are a heavy social networker, a public relations consultant, or just want to know what is trending on Twitter, you’ll be able to organize it all with this app.

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Users start a new session to begin analysis of a particular term or group of terms. After naming the session, decide which categories you want to have analyzed. Tweet Category will automatically organize certain tweets into Checkins, Retweets, Images, Links, and Chats. You can deselect any category you don’t want automatically organized.

Enter terms you want to see, like #iPad, #DaveMustaine, or @AppAdvice. You can also add terms to exclude in order to narrow down the search field. Pick a date range to include in the research and see what comes up.

Every tweet within your selected date range will appear on the right side of the screen. The center section of the screen includes tweets that have already been automatically categorized. You can add more categories manually at this point. For example, while analyzing AppAdvice’s tweets, I added a “Giveaway” category and set it to automatically include any tweet that had the word “promo code,” “contest,” or “giveaway” in it.

You can also touch and drag tweets to different categories manually or re-categorize tweets if they don’t fit. You can add more search terms, throw tweets away that aren’t relevant, and adjust your automatic categorization settings.

Once you’ve moved all tweets into their proper location, you can view real time statistics and compare information with other users. You can then generate a report that is converted to a PDF and sent through email. The final steps in generating a report include your personal comments on what you have analyzed based on the tweets in your research.

The app still has a few glitches. Every 10 minutes or so, I received a pop-up message telling me that I had “exceeded the limit of logins per hour allowed by twitter.” This may be due to the new Twitter API. It didn’t affect anything I was doing. Additionally, the app lags when you are dragging tweets into new categories. It never froze up or crashed on me, but the drag-and-drop feature is not smooth.

This is an amazing program that is going to be extraordinary for many people. It is especially useful to promoters and those in the public relations industry. The average tweeter may not need something so comprehensive, and for $9.99 you want to be sure you need this type of information, but businesses will be able to analyze their social media presence and make steps toward increasing it. It is a good investment in your promotional future.

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