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Twitter Fans Should Consider Taking 'twheel' For A Spin

Twitter Fans Should Consider Taking 'twheel' For A Spin

August 6, 2012
There are countless Twitter-related iOS apps, with most - if not all - promising to provide users with a better alternative to the official Twitter application. One new Twitter app to hit the scene is "twheel," a free, universal iOS app that displays users' Twitter timelines in a readable wheel, rather than in the usual linear list. As outlined in the app's release notes:
Twitter -(r)evolved! Twheel is an award-winning Twitter client with a twist! Twheel is optimized for the human brain to make discovery in your social feed effective, efficient and fun. Twheel visualizes relevance of the tweets in your feed so you can quickly find the most relevant stuff from the noise! It's time to turn your information overflow into an information flow!
Indeed, twheel is an interesting approach to Twitter. Once users have signed-in, the application (after briefly explaining how twheel works) displays a kind of pie chart-like wheel of Twitter updates from different accounts. Users can browse through each segment of the wheel one-by-one - unread tweets appear in orange, while read tweets go grey - and it's also possible to access an additional menu, wherein users can reply to, retweet or direct message one account in particular. One of the great things about twheel is that it displays the most popular Twitter updates through coloring sections of the account-segments in white. The more retweets a particular update has received, the whiter that update's segment of the twheel is. Currently, twheel is available to download in the App Store for free. If you're looking for an alternative to your favourite Twitter application, consider taking twheel for a spin - at the very least, it could be a nice addition to your Twitter-browsing team of iOS apps!

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