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Are You Smart Enough To Solve Webz?

Are You Smart Enough To Solve Webz?

August 20, 2012
Webz by 3KOF Studio icon

Webz ($0.99) by 3KOF Studio tests how well you can draw specific lines in order to weave a web that meets the requirements for the level.

Differently colored lines are listed at the bottom of the screen, along with how many of each you need to use. Each line is used to draw a different shape (for example, a diamond is one), though you most likely will only need part of that shape to travel to the next point.

Webz by 3KOF Studio screenshot

The goal is to reach all eight points once, while ending up back in starting point in the middle, with the end result looking as if the spider had used drugs.

You may have needed to reread those last two paragraphs. I tried to make them as succinct as possible, yet the subject matter is complicated. Oh, what a complicated web we weave, when at first we try to figure out how to solve the level.

While the game provides directions on how to win, along with a hint button, a visual walkthrough would help acclimate the player to the game. Despite my best efforts, I have yet to complete a single level (and I’ve reviewed quite a number of puzzle games).

What I really found discouraging was that I had actually finished a level, but it wasn’t the design the game was looking for, so I didn’t win. This is unlike Bridge the Gap 2, which has a similar premise in using a limited number of items to complete the level. As long as you finish, it doesn’t matter how you use them.

Gameplay aside, even the aesthetics of the level are something left to be desired. The stark white background with the crayon-like lines is just annoying. Even more annoying is that selecting anything within the game requires a beginning tap to have the spider move to it (slowly), and then a second tap to activate.

With over 20,000 levels (no joke), you’re more likely to become bored before than ever completing the whole game (or even just one of the levels).

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