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Quirky App Of The Day: Gangster Granny Makes Geriatrics Seem Hardcore

Quirky App Of The Day: Gangster Granny Makes Geriatrics Seem Hardcore

August 20, 2012
My grandmothers are both the "sit down while I get you a cookie" type. There are certain words I would never use in their presence because they would grab me by the ear and haul me off to the bathroom to wash my mouth out. They are definitely your typical grandmother. Gangster Granny will pistol whip you without missing a stitch in her knitting before she offered you a cookie. Apparently, the economy is hitting everyone a little hard these days. Gangster Granny has lost her pension and decided to take it back by force. I've seen my grandma lose at Bunco. I can believe in an elderly lady holding up a bank over her pension. After being convicted by a jury of her peers, she was sent to the big house. Does she plan to stay there and contentedly crochet until she ends her days in lockdown? Of course not. She busts out of jail with a bang and a gun. Every guard that you take down gives you money. That money buys you bigger, better guns for your granny. Unfortunately, you can't dual wield in this game since she has to take her handbag with her. Dying will cost you money. It's definitely in your best interest to stay alive. Not to mention, there's something that tugs at you when you see granny go down with her hair in curlers and her feet in slippers. Of course, there's a gun in her hand, but that's beside the point. There's an autolock feature so you don't have to swipe and turn to fire. However, there's a small problem where if you get behind the bad guy, you can't turn around fast enough to shoot him. This was really only a problem when I was rounding a corner and a guard was right there. I'd be behind him before I could react and shoot him. When you play, I highly recommend turning on airplane mode. Getting texts messages during the game really screwed things up. Even after I got out of the game to clear out the new messages, the game skipped and jumped for a few seconds after I reopened it. Other than that, the game was great. How often do you see old people trying to break out of prison? Gangster Granny is available in the App Store for $0.99.

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