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Sharpen Your Spell-Binding And Sword-Wielding Skills With Spell Sword

Sharpen Your Spell-Binding And Sword-Wielding Skills With Spell Sword

August 17, 2012
The biggest update yet to former AppAdvice Game of the Week title holder Spell Sword is here. Spell Sword is a survival game built around the mythical force of the spellsword. Legend has it that the spellsword is so powerful that it can conquer a great deal of enemies in one fell swoop. Oh, really? Really. And thanks to the different spellcards that pop up in the manner of the weapon-changing crates in Super Crate Box, the spellsword is able to cast various spells against enemies. It’s this combination of spell casting and sword slashing that makes Spell Sword a truly addictive game. It also doesn’t hurt that the game comes with two modes, Missions and Endless. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Spell Sword’s latest update, which, as I’ve mentioned, is the biggest yet, expands both modes of the game. For the Missions mode, 60 new missions to accomplish have been added. As for the Endless mode, a new Sky Temple arena has been included alongside the existing Forest Trap, Mine Shaft, and Hot Spot arenas. The update also brings new equip items, new enemies, and, of course, new spellcards. As well, it introduces iCloud support for syncing the game across your iDevices. Apart from the update, a price drop has also taken effect for Spell Sword. Now, you can download Spell Sword in the App Store for free. So, if you still haven’t played Spell Sword, get it now and prepare to fall under its addictive spell.

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