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Shoparoo Takes The Hassle Out Of Raising Money For Your Schools

Shoparoo Takes The Hassle Out Of Raising Money For Your Schools

August 16, 2012
The back-to-school season has arrived, and along with it the need to raise fundraising dollars for extra curricular activities grows. Shoparoo offers a hassle-free way to raise thousands of dollars for your favorite schools just by using your iPhone. The freebie Shoparoo app allows users to take photos of their most recent grocery receipts, which are then converted into “Roo Points,” which can be used by a designated school to make purchases. Best of all, the app also includes sponsor brands, which will help you double your donations, as well as exclusive coupons to help you save money. According to Jared Schrieber, co-founder and CEO of Shoparoo:
 Shoparoo takes school fundraising digital and makes it something that can be incorporated into everyday life for parents or anyone who wants to help better their community.
Once the app is downloaded, participants follow on-screen instructions to select a school or charity of their choosing. From there, you snap photos of receipts from places you already use. These include grocers, supercenters, club stores, dollar stores, drugstores, convenience marts, or pet supply stores. Once captured, Shoparoo’s technology checks the receipt to make sure it is real and unique before Roo Points are awarded to the chosen school. Naturally, the greater the receipt’s total, the more Roo Points awarded. Additionally, bonus Roo Points can be earned by staying active and submitting receipts each week. Shoparoo is available for download in the App Store. Looking for other grocery helper apps?

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