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Subscription Fees For Order & Chaos Online Are No More

Subscription Fees For Order & Chaos Online Are No More

August 23, 2012
Gameloft’s Order & Chaos Online game for iOS has always been fun. Still, many have balked at its monthly subscription fee. However, those pesky fees are now a thing of the past. Available for $6.99, the role-playing game hasn’t just dropped its fees, but it also now includes a number of new features. These include a new PVP Arena where Order & Chaos players can meet to shed a little blood. Additionally, the game now includes new mounts including lions, stags, bears, and more.

Order & Chaos

Order & Chaos

Other new features include:
  • Dungeon #4 (Part 2)
  • New quests
  • New high-level items
  • Teleport: 30-day pass
  • Kal Wardin costume
  • New GL LIVE!
  Polish & adjustments
  • Russian and Brazilian Portuguese now supported
  • New dedicated servers for CN players
  • GFX improvements on the biggest devices
  • Business skill modification
  • Polish of the lottery
  • Improved security
  • Minor bug fixes
For more information on Order & Chaos, be sure to see our original First Look at the game. The game is available for download now for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

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