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What Does The New iPhone Look Like Compared To The 4S?

What Does The New iPhone Look Like Compared To The 4S?

August 3, 2012
Last month, I suggested the next iPhone would launch sometime in August, September, or October. Well, August is finally here and with it the number of “iPhone rumors” will surely increase, for better or worse. Today’s entry comes from ETrade Supply, which has released a video showing what they believe is the next generation iPhone’s glass lens. As the video suggests, Apple’s next handset will include a new front panel that shows a taller display and the FaceTime camera being moved to above the earpiece. The purported iPhone includes a glass lens that is 90.25mm long, and 51.60mm wide. The iPhone 4S is 76.65mm and 51.60mm. More importantly, the resolution ratio is 16:9, which is significantly different than past models. Other findings include:
  • The next iPhone’s glass lens is the same as the one on the iPhone 4S. However, the lens is 0.1mm thinner.
  • The transmittance of the new iPhone is higher than that of the iPhone 4S.
  • The camera hole, as has been previously rumored, is now on the right middle above the receiver, not on the left side.
  • The light sensor is now on the left side of the receiver and is smaller.
  • The diameter of the home button has narrowed 0.3mm, as has the area around the button.

Take a look: Naturally, there is no way to confirm this latest rumor. Still, because it suggests specifications already “leaked” by other sites in recent months, its validity could be genuine. As a reminder, Apple is largely expected to announce the sixth-generation iPhone on Sept. 12. For more iPhone rumors, be sure to check out our previous stories. Do you like what you're seeing? Source: ETrade Supply

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