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You Might Get Giddy With Excitement For The New Features In Viddy

You Might Get Giddy With Excitement For The New Features In Viddy

August 18, 2012
Is this the Viddy-est update ever to come to Viddy? OK, what I mean is: Is the latest update to the top-rating app that has been widely described as “Instagram for video” the biggest yet? Well, if you only look at the full changelog of Viddy’s new 1.8 update, you certainly can’t help but think so. The new version of the iPhone-optimized video sharing app brings four new video effects with fancy names: Soho, Rose, Tele, and Cine. And as though those weren’t enough, it also brings six new audio tracks with even fancier names: NoNew, Wasteland, Earls Court, Final Frontier, Allegro Moderato en fa Mineur, and Magnolia. These new effects and tracks all sound interesting. And if you’re curious as to what they do to your Viddy creations, allow the main part of the update’s changelog to enlighten you:
  • SOHO adds an artistic edge to your videos by using the Lomo old-photo effect. Vivid color contrast, super-saturation, blurring and vignetting enhance with cool creativity.
  • ROSE give your videos a dreamy and romantic glow of nostalgia. Subtle rose-tinted tones create warm contrasts and the softly faded look of 1940s era film.
  • TELE gives an old school, 70s TV visual effect to your videos. Saturated tones, horizontal syncs, scanlines and fractal noise create the look of past tech VHS/Betamax, dynamic distortion and bad reception.
  • CINE transforms your videos by using a dramatic old Hollywood classic film effect. Vivid hues and saturated tones create a look and feel that’s cinematic, atmospheric and authentic.
  • NoNew - Drums and atmospherics slow build as the electric guitar joins the party. Perfect for a video reveal.
  • Wasteland - This straightforward, Massive dubstep drop will instantly amplify your viddy’s energy level. Think of it as an energy drink for your viddy.
  • Earls Court - This track goes from melodic to chaotic as an electric guitar is joined by the rest of the band in a sonic explosion. If you want your Viddy to accelerate like a car commercial, this is the track.
  • Final Frontier : Strings and synths build to a tense orchestra hit. Make your Viddy more dramatic with this piece of suspenseful film score.
  • Allegro Moderato en fa Mineur - Upbeat and fun piano play on this piece of classical music. Perfect for when you need some parlor music to accompany your footage.
  • Magnolia - Wistful and melodic fingerstyle guitar playing accentuated by the cello’s drone. If acoustic folk fits your footage, this is the track.
The new update also adds support for iOS’ native Twitter integration for logging in and lets you tag multiple friends while uploading videos. Further, the new version of Viddy introduces a new grid layout for browsing and playing profile videos. Viddy 1.8 is available now in the App Store for free. Now, is this the biggest update ever to come to Viddy, or what?

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